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3 Types Of Vacuums To Use At Your Day Care Facility

At a daycare facility, where the children literally crawl and play on the floor, you want to make sure you keep the floors extremely clean. In order to keep the floors extremely clean, you need to vacuum them at the end of each day. In order to vacuum your floors, you need the right type of vacuum. Here are a few vacuum types that work particularly well for a daycare facility.

Type #1: Battery-Powered Vacuum

All your vacuuming can't take place when the children are gone. When someone tracks in a bunch of dirt or some food gets dropped on the carpet, you can't wait until the end of the day to clean it up. That is where a battery vacuum comes into play.

With a battery vacuum, you don't have to worry about keeping the kids away from the cord while you clean up the mess. With a battery vacuum, you can easily clean up messes when the kids are around without worrying about their safety.

A battery vacuum, without a cord, also offers you more flexibility and can make it easier for you to clean daycare furniture or clean the stairs in your daycare as well.

Type #2: Upright Vacuum

The second type of vacuum your daycare needs is an upright vacuum. An upright vacuum is one of the most common types of vacuums on the market.

You are going to want to get a commercial-sized upright vacuum, with a larger storage container for dirt, so you don't have to change the bag or the canister multiple times as you clean up your daycare.

Upright dual-motors are usually better for cleaning high-traffic spaces such as a daycare instead of a single-motor upright vacuum cleaner, which just doesn't carry as much power.

You are also going to want an upright vacuum with a high filtration bag. A high filtration bag is designed to capture greater amounts of dust and help to create a cleaner environment, which is essential in a daycare setting where children literally play on the floor and touch it throughout the day.

Type #3: Wide-Area Vacuum

If your daycare has any big areas, such as a huge playroom, you may want to consider a wide-area vacuum. A wide-area vacuum has a much larger vacuum head than a typical vacuum, allowing you to quickly vacuum a large space.

Wide-area vacuums also have powerful agitator brushes that help ensure that not only are you able to quickly vacuum more space, but you are able to effectively vacuum that space.

With a daycare center, you may want to have a few types of vacuums on hand. A battery-powered vacuum is great when you need to vacuum around the children. An upright dual motor vacuum with a high filtration bag is great for cleaning up in the evening when the children go home. If your daycare has any extremely large rooms, you may also want a wide-area vacuum, which will make it quicker and more efficient to vacuum up the large spaces in your facility.

For more information, reach out to a commercial vacuum supplier.