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How to Clean Assembly Grease from Your Warehouse Floors

Part grease is inevitably going to track into your warehouse from the assembly floor. It's just not part grease but grease from pallets, bins, forklifts, boiler rooms and pallet jacks. Since steel-toe shoes don't have smooth soles, grease can collect in the divots. Before you know it, you've got a greasy warehouse floor. Here is information on assembly grease and how to clean it away. 

What's In Assembly Grease?

If you've ever tried to clean greasy dishes, you know that hot water and dish soap can quickly cut through grease. It's well known that wildlife rescues use it to get grease off fowl during oil spills. But industrial grease is different. Its base is usually mineral oil or some synthetic petroleum which comprises about 97 percent of the grease. There are thickeners like lithium soap and additives to create the kind of lubricating grease for particular assembly parts and the machinery that helps assemble them.

Most warehouses have polished concrete floors because they are smoother for forklifts and clean up well. Cleaning assembly grease off those concrete floors requires no special cleaner unless the type of industrial grease used on assembly parts doesn't clean well with soap and water.

What Can Be Used to Cut Assembly Grease?

First, you can try the aforementioned hot water and dish soap at professional strength. Mix about a quarter of a cup of soap to 5 or 10 gallons of warm or hot water in a mop bucket and use a string mop to apply. You will have to dump the water as it gets murky and refill with cool rinse water if you only have one bucket. Cool or cold water destroys the suds if you accidentally put in too much dish soap. If your warehouse is large, you will likely need multiple buckets for the soap mixture and then rinse. Do not use the soap application mop to rinse the floor as it can leave a sticky residue.

Second, if the grease isn't coming up clean, try adding a cup or so of white vinegar to the soap mixture. If these don't work, you can always try Castile soap or use an industrial floor cleaner. However, the strong industrial floor cleaners can strip your concrete of any protective layer, like epoxy, over time.

Lastly, it's always best to clean the warehouse floors on a schedule that doesn't interfere with production shifts. If you are in a rush, use industrial fans to help dry. Don't forget to keep a bottle of the soap, vinegar, and water solution to spot clean grease during the day as needed per your cleaning schedule. You can also hire warehouse facility cleaning services to take care of the grease for you.